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Apostle Marvin Williams                   Apostle Nickson Banda               Apostle Timothy Williams             Dr. June Paul, Phd.                                  The 5 Fold Ministry, 2010 - New Orleans
                   Pastor Linda Delone                Pastor Albert Delone, Jr.                 Pastor Rachel Harrison                               Sis. Rita Chaiss                                Evang. Matthew Wells                                    
Evang. Ruby Childs, Proph. Grace Bickham, Apos Ronnie Bailey
 The 5 Fold Ministry, 2010 - New Orleans
Our Live Studio Audience For The 5 Fold Ministry, Pt. 3  (2010)                                Apostle Alphonse Osano                                            An After Studio Picture - 2009, New Orleans
               The 5 Fold Ministry, Pt. 2 - 2010 - New Orleans Studio                                          An After Studio Picture - 2010                                       Evang. Ruby Childs, Evang. Dudley thibeaux
                                                                                                                                                                                                                       Pastor Bill Shanks & Apostle Michael Hammond