Rock Of Ages Ministries
"An International Evangelistic Ministry"
Apostle Ronnie & Takako Bailey
(Overseers) Rock Of Ages Ministries

When faced with an ethical choice or a temptation, consider the example you set for others whom you lead:

Please remember to think of all those who are watching and dissecting every word and action whether positive or negative, how will your decision impact them? Walking under spiritual leadership comes the scared gift as well as scared trust of a higher moral authority. I know that anyone can be lost in an instant, the question to the core is; if saying yes to the temptation will be worth hurting all those who look up to the position as well as the person.

Make yourself accountable to a small group of trusted peers/friends:

God never called lone rangers; in fact the scriptures teaches that Jesus had (12) Apostles yet he only let (3) get really close to Him (Peter, James, John) and remember when Jesus sent them out he did by (2)'s. Self-leaders desire accountability it provides safe-guards for jobs too big or temptations. Invite trusted peers/ friends that will speak the truth into your situation, for the scriptures teaches the heart is desperately wicked who can know it, all of us can lie to ourselves and start to believe it.

Focus on integrity, not an image:

The greatest challenges self-leaders encounter is authenticity- being true and real in ourselves as well as in our relationships to whom those we lead. We must remember that our inner man should rise above any and all situations and temptations that would try to pull down our integrity while trying to lift up our image.

A must, to grow and mature in your personal faith:

Self-leaders recognize our limited ability for character development without daily intimacy with God. The scriptures teaches that we grow from faith to faith; nurturing our relationship must be based on the daily dependency on the leading of the Holy Spirit in our every day lives; the deeper we go into God's love the deeper our love for others become.

Deal firmly and uncompromisingly with character flaws and hidden sin:

All self-leaders have a dark side/ insecure side, people pleasers, make a name for themselves, anger issues, or codependent tendencies, these flaws; hidden sin will affect a leader's ability to lead. Self-leaders must be totally free in order to help others to be free; for only free men can set other men free.

By Apostle Dwayne Broussard
Mystery Of God Fellowship Church, Katy TX

Our Television Ministry is reaching Ten's of Thousands throughout Louisiana, in places such as:

New Orleans, Algiers, Lafayette, New Iberia, Abbeville, Duson, Carencro, St. Martinville, Scott, Jeanerette, Breaux Bridge, Cecelia, Louisiana and many "Neighboring" Towns and Counties as well.
We are presently being viewed in various places throughout the great State of Louisiana.

Our Webcast is reaching additional souls throughout this great Nation and extending into all the world, wherever the Internet is available

"And he said unto them, Go ye into all the world, and preach the gospel to every creature". (Luke 16:15)

By Apostle Dwyane Broussard
Pastor Of Mystery Of God Fellowship Church

(1) Take time for consistent reflection and restoration of body soul:

Too many times we lose focus on work related activities while maintaining a fast pace and forget to model the example that Jesus laid out for us. Jesus model soul restoration by routinely leaving crowds to have alone time with the Father. Self-leaders will create time for prayer time, journal time, reading the Holy Scriptures; a well cared healthy heart is the best gift a leader can give their followers.